Sunday, April 26, 2009

How to organize?

It's difficult trying to be up and keep people energized. Not to mention the lack of direction of future goals. I see it as a problem, but don't know how to attack this situation.

I've got most of the team into the "flow" of scrum...although I'm sensing a dullness. How do I challenge the teams in a positive and encouraging way? And how does one get a PO organized with a vision?

Maybe my problem is that I've never been exposed to upper management since working at larger companies. At smaller companies, you are exposed to all aspects of it. So when you see that the indecisiveness, it's quite unsettling. Like not having a leader of our country leading. One just assumes that there is always someone there to tuck you in at night. But when you don't have that, and you know something is just not right it's a bit unsettling. The question is, I realize it, but how do I help facilitate a change? Maybe it's like this all over the place, but just my first time seeing it.

Today I listed the problems - how to address them - and the risk if they are not addressed. I brainstormed the problems (as best as one can do alone). Perhaps I'll revisit them. The more difficult part is how to address them. How does one address them when you are alone? I need camaraderie and it's difficult to do alone.

Anyway, what's coming up is the end of one release and the beginning of another. My goal for this past release was to get the team up on scrum. Still more to do, especially in the ways of writing tests. But what I need to focus on the next go-around to get the PO(s) more organized.

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